New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)

Exploring, Researching and Creating New Business Opportunities

What is NEIS?
The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) is an Australian government funded program which assists in developing self- employment through developing a business idea into running your own business.

NEIS also creates secondary employment. For every 10 NEIS businesses, on average, a further 8 new jobs are created.

For more information go to our website to see how the NEIS program works and watch a video of a participant running his small business.

How NEIS works

1. Application Process:

• You can apply directly by calling TOLL FREE on 1800 356 400 or EMAIL:
• Once you have completed the applications Netgain will contact you for an interview to discuss your Business idea.
• You may be requested to conduct a feasibility study to assess further your potential Business viability
• As there are limited places in the course not all applications will proceed through to acceptance.
• Once you have been formally accepted into the program via an acceptance letter, you then enter the first phase of the classroom based training.
• Applications are available on the left-hand side of the page to download

2. Initial Classroom based training:

• You will commence your Initial Classroom based training in BSB42615- Certificate IV New Small Business or BSB30315- Certificate III Micro Business Operations
• During this period you will be required to complete a Business Plan and Financial modelling of your Business idea.
• This Business plan will then be assessed for acceptance onto the NEIS contract.

3. NEIS Contract

• Once the contract is signed you can then commence your Business.
• During this period, you will receive mentoring for 52 weeks and will be required to discuss and report on your Business at least once a month.
• Where applicable the NEIS allowance will be received for 39 weeks.
• Where applicable Rental assistance will be received for the 26 weeks.



If you require any more information, please call Netgain on

TOLL FREE: 1800 356 400